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 Hot mud is a powder that when combined with water has a chemical reaction that causes a very fast dry time.

What I'm showing here is how to mix a 5 gallon bucket full. If you only want to mix a pan full go here



What you will need

 Hot mud : You can buy many various drying times from 5 minutes to 210 minutes.

I Only use Sheet rock Brand Hot Mud.

I do not recommend trying to mix a whole bucket of 5 or 20 minute mud.

You will need about a bag and a half for a full bucket of mud.

You will need a drill and a paddle

A empty bucket and a bucket full of water

Step 1: Pour water into bucket

Use the paddle as your reference. If you fill the bucket just to the top of the paddle, that will yield a full bucket of mud


Step 2: Add powder

I'm using 210 minute mud, that gives me plenty of time to work but I also know for sure it will be dry the next day.

Start by tearing the corner the corner off of the bag, pour some powder in.

You don't want to dump it all in at once or you will end up with lumpy mud.


Step 3: Mix

Straddle the bucket with your feet, slowly start to mix. A variable speed drill helps. You don't want to just hit the trigger full force or you will have water and mud flying everywhere. Mix it up a little, add more powder, mix it, add more powder.

Once you have dumped the whole 1st bag in you will see it's still pretty soupy.

Open a new bag and slowly add more powder until you get the right consistency

Be careful hot mud is tricky

By using 210 or even 90 minute mud you can probably get by with using a bucket full, mix up another bucket and you should be fine.

The problem is that this is all a chemical deal.

 Say you mix up a bucket of 45 minute mud. You start coating something, you go pretty fast, now you need another bucket full so you ad more water, powder and mix up more.

That 1st batch is already starting to set up so any remnants of the 1st batch, in the bucket, on your paddle and on your tools causes the new batch to set up as well. I would recommend after every bucket full you wash everything. Tools, buckets, paddle, start out fresh with a new clean bucket and clean water.


Wash your tools right away

This stuff sets up like cement. If you don't get everything clean as soon as you're done you never will. You let hot mud set up on that paddle you might as well throw it away



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