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There  are 3 types of bullnose corner bead (Also known as corner trim)

Plastic, Metal and Paper faced

 I'm going to show how to apply plastic bead, Click here to learn how to apply paper faced bead

Depending on your particular project, you might need some special plastic adaptors

There are various adaptors for all sorts of applications

Adaptors can be purchased where you buy the corner bead itself.

You will also need some drywall spray adhesive

Hang your sheetrock for Bullnose

With normal square corner bead it's okay to let the sheetrock overlap on the corners.

When you use bullnose,  you must keep  the edge of the sheetrock even with the edge of the wood.

This gap allows the bead to seat into place properly.


Step 1: Glue on adaptors

This 1st set of pictures is how to apply a baseboard adaptor. This adaptor will convert the round bead into square bead for the square base board. cut to desired length using tin snips. The length  is determined depending on how wide your base board is.

Spray the wall (where the adaptor is going) also spray the inside of the adaptor.

I like to stick the adaptor in place, hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. Now pull the adaptor back off (This gets the glue nice and tacky).

Put the adapter back on and hold it in place  for a few seconds or until it bonds.

This one is called a end cap. Do the same steps as above, spray sheetrock, spray inside of adaptor, Press on, Pull off, Press on for good.

Step 2: Measure, cut and apply corner bead

Measure and cut corner bead using tin snips.

Use the same procedure to glue on corner bead.  spray sheetrock, spray inside of bead, Press on, Pull off, Press on for good.




Corner bead installed, ready to 1st coat

Click Here to learn how to coat corner bead

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