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Mix Mud: When you're using hot mud, it's good to know the best way to mix it. Pour a little water in your drywall pan 1st. Now slowly pour in a small amount of hot mud powder. Keep stirring up the mud using a  6 inch drywall knife. This takes a little practice. If it gets too thick ad a little water, too thin ad a little powder. When you get it nice and smooth you are ready to do some coating. In my patch, I'm using "20 minute" mud which means it starts setting up in 15-20 minutes. If you decide to use 20, don't waste too much time mixing it up. You can buy all different speeds (drying times) of hot mud, any where from 5 to 210 minute.




 Start the 1st coat: Using a 10 inch taping knife apply the 1st coat on the cracked area (from here out we'll call it a patch). It's hard for me to explain how to coat (but I'll try). Spread on a nice bed of mud on each side of the tape. Always keep your pointer finger in the center of the knife (Look at picture). Since I made this page I have made another page about

how to 1st and 2nd coat butt joints  <--click it



Wipe down the center: Move your finger to the center and wipe straight down the center of the patch applying nice even pressure.

Feather in outside edges: Moving your finger a little right of center feather in the right side of the patch. Now move your finger a little left and feather in the opposite side. You should be leaving a nice ripple line on each side. (Look at pictures)


Now your patch is 1st coated and should look something like the picture below. If you used paper tape and regular mud, let patch dry overnight before applying 2nd coat. I used 20 minute hot mud so I'll wait about a half hour before the 2nd coat.



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