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There are many different brands of joint compound but there are really only 3 types.

1.  All purpose: Used for taping and texture. Can be used for coating, but shrinks more and sands harder.

2.  Topping: Used for 1st and 2nd coats.  It Shrinks less and sands much easier than all purpose.

3.  Quick set or accelerated (Hot Mud): This comes in bags. It's powder that you mix with water.  Ranges in drying time from 5 minutes to 210 minutes. Be carefull, once it starts setting up, there's no stopping it,  and it is very hard to sand.

Mud comes in pales, bags, buckets and boxes.




Open up your box of mud, then open the inside plastic bag. Pull the plastic around the outside of the box.


Hold the box over your empty bucket corner side down. Slowly shake the box until the mud starts coming out. Hold the outside plastic bag so when the mud falls into the bucket you are still holding the empty bag. It takes a little practice..You can do it..

The mud is too thick right now to do anything. Pour in a cup or two of water depending on how thin you want it.. There are 2 ways to mix the mud. You can use the stomper (Mud masher) or you can use an electric drill with a mud paddle. Mix it up until it is smooth and lump free.


If you're using a new bucket of mud (Not a box), you might want to remove a scoop or 2 of mud so there will be room for your water, then mix. Put the extra mud on the lid. After you use up some mud, you can throw the stuff from the lid back in the mix.



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