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By topping off your mud you are creating a water seal to keep everything fresh. Once your mud is topped off you can leave it overnight or leave it for 2 weeks.  First use your hand and wipe down the side of the bucket. Now pour in a couple inches of water and scrub down the sides. I always leave my stomper right in the bucket and I scrub down the handle.


That's It !!

Now we have a nice bucket of mud, topped off and ready to use again. It's not going to dry out and we didn't even have to wash the stomper. When you're ready to use it again just dump off the excess water and you're good to go..



Pour a little water in your drywall pan 1st. Now slowly pour in a small amount of hot mud powder. Keep stirring up the mud using a  6 inch drywall knife. This takes a little practice. If it gets too thick ad a little water, too thin ad a little powder. When you get it nice and smooth you are ready to do some coating. In this example, I'm using "20 minute" mud which means it starts setting up in 15-20 minutes. If you use 5 min or 20 min, don't waste too much time mixing it up. You can buy all different speeds (drying time) of hot mud, any where from 5 to 210 minute.


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