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The next day your patch should look something like this. Time to get out your mud. Using a 10 inch taping knife apply a nice even coat. If you can't get it just right don't worry, you can always sand it down a little tomorrow. You have just 1st coated your patch. Lookin' Good !! Now let it dry another day.



My patch looks great, no need to sand at all. Yours on the other hand might need a little help. Knock off the high spots using a piece of sand paper or a sanding block. Now get out your mud, take a 12 inch taping knife and apply your final coat. This is the most important coat so try to do your best. There you go, you just 2nd coated your patch. See you tomorrow.



You're coming down the home stretch. Time to make your patch perfect. You can see by the picture, I am using a sanding block (Full Circle International). You can use a piece of sand paper, a wet rag or a sponge . Lightly sand patch down so it's nice and smooth. It's very important to feather and blend the outside edges . You don't want any sharp lines where the patch meets the existing wall. For a professional patch job, you must "KILL THE OUTSIDE EDGE" !!   

Good Job, you're ready for the final step



Now the patch is smooth and edge free. I'm using a roller to apply my primer. On my patch, I have to match the existing sand texture so I'm using perlite (primer with sand mixed in). Your patch might be smooth so just use regular primer. After the primer is dry, you are ready for the final paint job. You can handle that without me...

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