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Step 5: Wipe

I am right handed so for me it feels comfortable going left to right. You could go the opposite direction if you want. Make sure the trowel is at a slight angle so the leading edge won't dig into the mud. Maybe 1/2 inch up on the front edge. Just pull the trowel along the wall applying just enough pressure to flatten out the texture. You don't have to go in a perfectly straight line. Relax and let it flow. The harder you push down, the flatter your texture will become.

If you push really hard, it will just flatten out and look like crap.


If you don't like the looks of something, just tap or knife up that area and wipe it again. You can't really hurt anything so loosen up and let it flow.

You can even go over the whole section if you don't like the looks of it. After a little while you'll get comfortable and start seeing what feels right.

That's pretty much it. You can do little 4 x 4 foot sections at a time or you can do a whole wall (or ceiling) at a time.


Here is a video


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